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How About Moontea

How to drink



MoonTea is an alternative way to slim down, for a person who has problems with excess fat or anyone who wants a general spring cleaning.

MoonTea works via detoxification and reduces your metabolism, blending green tea and herb          

(i.e. Southern Ginseng, Mulberry leaves and  Pandan ) which are all highly beneficial to your body.

MoonTea accelerates your metabolism, allowing your body to digest what it needs, quickly dispelling the waste. It eliminates the accumulation of fat build-up in the small intestine and colon, absorbing the necessary nutrients allowing the brain and body to better work together. It also benefits the large intestine by allowing a build-up of only the beneficial bacteria

( in the gut,) eliminating fat ( in the blood cells,) controlling cholesterol levels and inhibiting the proliferation of cancer cells. (MoonTea will also activate certain enzymes which will help your body clean the liver.)


How to drink

Place one MoonTea tea-bag, in a glass of boiling  water. Leave the tea-bag in the hot water for around 10 minutes.

( You can re-use the MoonTea bag as many times as you desire, when the tea’s colour is insipid or colourless, it’s time to change the teabag.)

-Recommended is to drink MoonTea one hour after dinner or before bedtime.

-Just drink 20 teabags in 10 to 20 days, you will see changes in your body weight and shape.

( Increased exercise along with drinking MoonTea will accelerate the burning of fat.)


MoonTea is an alternative for those with excess fat, or those keen on detoxification and increasing fat metabolism.

Combined with a regular 15 minutes of exercise, you will notice a difference not only in your body shape but also in your skin.

MoonTea does NOT contain caffeine and is only beneficial to you and your health,


try it !!!



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