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'So Like' 

Sweet Rice & Mango


Who did you notice more?


Why me ?

Hey, we are a great combination, the mango leaves used to create tea  are super rich in vitamins A, B and C. Whereas the rice part of us is rich in minerals like Manganese, which helps protect your bones, balances your blood pressure and protects your blood cells. It also contains Selenium and fiber which can help in the cleaning of your digestive tract, so it’s great for your stomach.


In a nutshell


Source of nutrients.

Boosts immune system.

Rich in fiber.

Full of minerals.

Divine Affinity

Mixed 7 typed of Thai herbs


Your trusty side-kick in your battle against moribund normalcy. 


Why me ?

Hi, meet the gang, we are a collection of herbs known by Mariji as Divine Affinity. First up is safflower, used in Chinese medicine for conditions involving the blood and 

conditions relating to weight loss. Next is wood apple, originally from India, has been known to cure diarrhea, cholera and hemorrhoids, and has some uses in treating eye 

disorders, Bael as I am also known, can also be used to treat acidic stomach problems, aid with respiratory issues and is great for solving constipation. Chrysanthenum is 

used traditionally in Asian medicine for treating chest pains, angina and even such symptoms as insomnia, headaches and oddly, even heat rash. Lastly, we have Pandan 

leaves, which can be used to treat fever and strengthens gums and helps alleviate stomach spasms.


In a nutshell


Increases lean mass.

Aids blood flow.

Helps with constipation and gastric issues.

Prevents asthma.

Natural inflammatory.

Fights heart disease.

Treats headaches / dizziness.

Improves eye health.

Serves as a light laxative.

Good for general recuperation.


Roselle Ginger and Cananga


It's When you stand up and whole room start to spin and you grab floor thinking world is upside down



Why me ?

The terrific trio is what Mariji named us. Here’s the breakdown. Roselle has tea supers powers, it’s used to reduce the risk of heart disease, mainly because of it’s powerful antioxidants, but it’s also a good source of amino acids. The acids are very useful in the reparation of organs such as the liver and for treating diarrhea. Ginger is crazy full of minerals ( calcium, copper and magnesium to name a few ) and vitamins, it’s used to treat a huge list of ailments mainly related to nausea, stomach ailments and even has been known to increase the male libido. Canaga is full of essential oils which boosts the bodes ability to protect itself.


In a nutshell


Perfect if you’re under the weather.

Boosts immune system.

Aids liver cleansing.

Treats stomach ailments.

Cures diarrhea.


Asian night nurse 

Jasmine Rice Tea


No stockings and suspenders here, this girl's purely for health reasons.


Why me ?

I’m known as Jasmine tea, I have a mildly sweet flavour and contain many powerful antioxidants ( catechins ) that have huge health benefits. I can calm you down by decreasing your blood pressure which of course means your body deals with stress in a better way. If you are having weight problems then I can help you out there too, I lower your cholesterol levels and help your organs function. 


In a nutshell


Provides protein, carbs, iron and vitamins.

Reduces body fat.

Increases healthy skin cells.

Relieves stress.

Prevents cancer.

Improves metabolism.

Lowers blood pressure.

Lowers cholesterol.

Caffeine FREE




The last day of disco 

Mulberry herb tea


Let it be. Let me be. I'm done.



Why me ?

Mulberry is the name.Green tea and black tea are already famous for their health benefits, but I’m new on the scene. I am known to help inhibit bacterial strains which lead to the common cold, so goodbye sore throat. I contain moranoline, which stops the carbohydrate part of your diet being turned into glucose inside your stomach, so I help with not only weight loss but also to control your blood sugar levels. Mainly, I absorb a lot of the harmful toxins which can affect your body.


In a nutshell


Treats conditions associated with liver and lungs.

Weight loss.

Controls blood sugar levels.

Lowers risk of diabetes.

Boosts blood vessel health.


Karin's Room

Blue Butterfly Pea & Lavender 


Karin's guest bedroom was so comfortable that that her friends used to joke about staying there instead of returning home, in fact sometimes they did. 

So spoilt were they with all the home comforts, it was always a struggle to remember which day of the week it was.


Why me ?


I am Lavender. I have many uses, for example, by consuming me you will avoid that horrible bloated feeling, I contain a natural anti-oxidant ( polyphenol ) which helps to reduce unwanted bacteria build up in your tummy. My scent is known to lower your heart rate and even your blood pressure, so it’s not just drinking I’m good for. When preparing for a good nights sleep, sprinkle me in a vase on your nightstand. I can also be used as a seasoning for sautéing or grilling both meat and vegetables. Any day you’re feeling a little run down and exhausted, I can help too, as a natural anti-inflammatory I can reduce swelling and itching.


In a nutshell


Strengthens the hair for healthy hair growth.

Prevents skin bruising,Keeps skin glowing & healthy.

Treats urinary problems,Improves eyesight & night vision

Treats eye infections.

Stimulates blood circulation.

Detoxifies the whole body.

Provides antioxidants.

Slows aging process.

Enhances immune system.


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