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Mariji's Wonder

Mariji's Infusion Pot

Our little Infusion pot is robust and beautifui perfect ideal for a single cup.. 

This glass teapot is designed to be both strong and delicate. Made from special heat-resistant, toughened glass it is practical as well as beautiful. It is perfectly balanced to pour without spilling a drop of precious tea. It comes with a stainless steel spiral in the spout to hold back the tea leaves so you don't have to bother with a strainer or infuser. 

Size 13.5cm.x14cm.












Tea Options available for the limited wonder present offer ;

• Karin's Room
• A friend or aquaintance
• What happened to you
• Baby wolf

Mariji's Bestseller Present

Mariji's secret magic wonder present 4boxes of delicious tea..sweetly wrapped and delivered in star box, a card is meant to wish someone well or best wishes and such like. However, Mariji's card isn't a normal card. It's intended for you to write your wish down, once completed, pass it to that special person you want to be granting you your wonderful wish.

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