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Cicia Summer

It’s that time of year again, Summer, when the perpetual heat is a constant reminder of your need for refreshments. And just at the right time, along I come. Who am I ? You may ask. Allow me to explain, my name is Cicia, I am made primarily from Oolong. I have multiple benefits to your health, for example, by drinking me, your body automatically begins to control the metabolism of the fat in your body, I also trigger certain enzymes in your body which help enhance the functions of the fat cells. My antioxidants help prevent a number of diseases, such as cancer and strokes. In general, I’m pretty good for your body. So that’s the science side.

Here’s a little secret about me, when I’m drunk ice cold, I’m super refreshing for you on a hot summers day. If you want to make me sweet, you can always add a dash of mango but I’d try me first, I think I’m pretty sweet already wink emoticon

Recommended Recipe

After having brought your water to boil, add 2 Cicia Mariji’s Tea bags. Turn off the heat and let it sit until the tea is dark in color. ( Usually around 5-6 minutes.)
Remove the tea bags and add a touch of sugar and stir, until dissolved.
Place the tea in a pitcher and add some mint leaves.
Pour over ice and garnish with your own choice of fruit, I’d suggest mango, but peach slices would also work perfectly.
Ideally, kept in the fridge and drank without sugar, it’s best served just with fruit slices.

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