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MooN TEA Story


Twas a chilly mid-summer’s morning, Mariji’s feet told her so as she tiptoed daintily across the stone floor. She pranced into the kitchen just as the kettle was beginning to whistle. After pouring the boiling water over her latest favourite morning drink, MoonTea, she looked aimlessly out of the window, squinting her eyes to create mini-rainbows that decorated the dew laden lawn.

• Slurp •




About Moon Tea

How to drink

MoonTea is an alternative way to slim down, for a person who has problems with excess fat or anyone who wants a general spring cleaning.

MoonTea works via detoxification and increase your metabolism, blending green tea and herb          (i.e. Southern Ginseng, Mulberry leaves and  Pandan ) which are all highly beneficial to your body.

MoonTea accelerates your metabolism, allowing your body to digest what it needs, quickly dispelling the waste. It eliminates the accumulation of fat build-up in the small intestine and colon, absorbing the necessary nutrients allowing the brain and body to better work together. It also benefits the large intestine by allowing a build-up of only the beneficial bacteria ( in the gut,) eliminating fat ( in the blood cells,) controlling cholesterol levels and inhibiting the proliferation of cancer cells. (MoonTea will also activate certain enzymes which will help your body clean the liver.)


Why lose weight?

Losing weight is known to both speed up your metabolism and increase the amount of energy your body has for the day.

The ingredients we use in MoonTea are all individually beneficial to your health, together they will make a significant difference in your goal to lose weight.


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