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Mariji finds the weather incredibly inspiring, she lives with her grandparents in a beautiful cottage her parents are off in their own world, much like the rest of the community in fact. Mariji is too young to be affected in the same way as the older members of the community. But she will change. They all do.
At 5 months old Mariji began drinking tea, initially camomile and peppermint but as she got older, she broadened her tastes. Her current favorite is 'Oolong#12.' She tells her grandparents to "use it like medicine." She likes it's smooth flavour, the way it makes you remember it, forever leaving you wanting more.
As a 5 year old, during winter, as the flowers of the ice fairies decorate the window panes,
Mariji breathes hot air onto the window,attempting to create her own form of nature. The first time she succeeds, the icy flower's centre melts briefly.
She takes a sip of her tea and tries again, this time she succeeds. Her warm breath gently melts the ice flower, she stops, allowing the flower to reform, in a different shape. Beyond the frosty glass, she watches the world passing by, people wandering, as much in their own world as Mariji was in hers. The people who inhabit this world are not like you and I.
They have a distinct look and very few emotions. Their hair as black as coal with eyes to match. Observing, you'd think they were wandering aimlessly, but in fact, each of them is constantly concocting inside their heads, imagining what would work well with something else. They rarely talk, pre-occupied primarily with the search for diversifying their flavours and bringing the joy of enjoying them to all of us here.

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