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Wine Tea

I'm not a patient person, nor do I enjoy spending money unnecessarily. Hence, I lean towards homemade wine over beer or liquor. 
Tea wine or mead, to be precise. Why do you ask ?

- ingredients are cheaper
- no need to purchase huge amounts of grapes, as required to produce a chardonnay or cabernet.

Wine can be produced using any number of different ingredients. You'd be surprised. Some of which may be in your garden ( dandelions,) or stashed away in the cupboard ( tea.)

Producing tea wine allows you to let your imagination run wild, to be creative, mixing any number of different ingredients together to create certain flavours for a specific palette.

What You'll Need

Fleischmann's Active Dry Yeast
A large jug (I like to reuse the 5 liter Carlo Rossi jugs)
Distilled Water
2 Cups of sugar

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