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It's A Pick Me UP

Bye Bye Blondie  

Caramel Coconut Black tea


Winds kiss the stony beach. People chatter whilst I enjoy not listening, dreaming of a fruit in lands afar.



Why me ?

Coconut’s the name, I work on many different aspects of your health, mainly because I am rich in fiber and vitamins. I can help the body to burn energy aiding in weight control. Combine me with black tea and our efforts are doubled.



In a nutshell


Boosts metabolism.

Benefits immune system.

Aids digestion.


What happened to you?  

Black Tea Caramel Burn 


I grew up. A reminder of fun times past.



Why me ?

Black tea often takes a backseat to green tea in the health department, but that’s not always fair. Let me give you a bit of background. I contain polysaccharides which will stop the sugar entering your blood stream. Tests show a lower risk of heart disease when studying people than regularly drink me. The caramel side of me combines well in the fight against various forms of cancer too providing small amounts of protein and potassium.


In a nutshell


Manages dibetes.

Protects your heart.

Helps with weight loss.

Reduces signs of aging.

Prevents cancer.

Lowers cholesterol.

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