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Moon tea Story


Twas a chilly mid-summer’s morning, Mariji’s feet told her so as she tiptoed daintily across the stone floor. She pranced into the kitchen just as the kettle was beginning to whistle. After pouring the boiling water over her latest favourite morning drink, MoonTea, she looked aimlessly out of the window, squinting her eyes to create mini-rainbows that decorated the dew laden lawn.

• Slurp •

Hours had seemed to pass when Mariji was startled by a noise not unfamiliar, but not one which one usually cared to share.

• PARP •

“ Excuse me. “ Whispered the voice.

“ Excuse you ? “ Asked Mariji. “ For what ?”

• Slurp •

“ Errrm “ The sound came again. • PARP •

“ Where are you ? Who are you ? Where are you from ?” Demanded Mariji, 

she stood up to show how serious she was, her brow furrowed.

The sheepish little man peered out from behind the cupboard door, well, part of him did, first one eye, then a second and then a third. Mariji was used to this kind of creature, she waited patiently for the rest of him to appear.

• Slurp •

“ My name is Theo, I’m from the planet Saturn. I’m sorry about the noises, my bowels seem to be misbehaving again..” He sighed, tummy rumbling.

“ I never have those problems Theo.”

• Slurp •

“ What’s that you’re drinking ?” Asked Theo, his hand moved to cover his belly as another unfortunate noise escaped.

“MoonTea. I can only drink it twice a day though.”

Theo looked up with all 3 of his eyes, “  Whoever heard of a tea you can only drink twice a day ?”

“I drink it once in the early morning and once in the evening, it helps me poop.” Mariji chuckled to herself at the thought of discussing such matters with a stranger, but his curious eyes allowed her to continue “ It takes eight hours to clean out your small intestine and colon and then you feel much better.”

• Slurp •

• Parp •

Theo looked slightly confused, “ So this MoonTea will make me …

• Parp • stop doing this and make me skinny and healthy ?”

“Not exactly Theo. You have to drink it for one month to be able to see any effect, two, if you want to fit into those old clothes. And changing your diet and the way you exercise will help make a huge difference.”

• Slurp •

Theo sat in almost silence for a good minute, wondering if he had the courage to ask.

• Slurp •

“ May I try some ?” He asked shyly.

Mariji had continued to slurp as Theo had been thinking and she’d finished the cup. She leapt up from her seat in silence and quickly sprinted into the kitchen. The kettle was always on the boil so she grabbed a wet rag and grabbed the kettle off of the stove, making sure not a drop was spilled as she refilled her own cup, containing the same MoonTea bag. The colour of the tea began to change and Mariji gently coasted back to where her the Theo sat. Blowing on it gently, she passed him the tea.

Theo slurped down his MoonTea, enjoying every last bit, but, impatient by nature Theo couldn’t sit still and after just an hour of nothing, he explained to Mariji he had a play date with a miniature baby wolf.

“ Make sure you are back home in about 6-8 hours Theo.” Mariji screamed out the window as the Theo disappeared off into the midday sun.

“I’ll be back” bellowed the Theo, he hoped the MoonTea would work but knowing his luck, he’d have the same problems tomorrow. He sighed and flew on.


Rather than sit around waiting for Theo to return, Mariji used the hours in between to gather some of the ingredients that were contained in MoonTea. The Mulberries were easily procured, the Pandan and the Southern Ginseng took a little more time to find. After a few hours, Mariji refilled her MoonTea cup with boiling water, it was only the 3rd time she’d refilled using the same tea bag, so it would still last a few more times. This time she added some soy milk, to give the MoonTea a slightly sweeter taste. ( Other sweeteners would have also have worked  it was just one of those soy milk days.)

Mariji completed her afternoon drawing session and noticed that apart from drawing a cross between a duck and an elephant, a duckiphant, it was also almost time for Theo’s MoonTea to start having an effect. Mariji chuckled to herself at the thought.

She sat patiently watching the window, feeling her own stomach begin to turn, ‘lucky there’s more than one bathroom in the house,’ she thought to herself, just as Theo came roaring around the corner, crash landing into the sunflowers.

He burst through the front door and made straight for the kitchen, ripping open the fridge door he grasped at a bottle of Evian, swigging generously.

Mariji followed, closely in pursuit.

“ Stop, you’re supposed to drink water throughout the day to hydrate yourself, not all at once.”

But it was too late, Theo had already left, heading for the nearest bathroom. Mariji knew what was happening as she also felt the effects of the tea too, she went and found a few toys to play with, and settled in.

She met the Theo back in the lounge, he seemed exhausted. He explained he’d spent quite some time in the bathroom and it had felt like he was a lot lighter. Mariji chuckled to herself, she’d been drinking for the past 6 weeks so understood the long term effects of the tea.


Mariji though she’d better explain a bit more about the tea to Theo, he was sure to have friends with similar problems she thought and wouldn’t it be great to be able to share.


She thought of the five best things MoonTea can do for you, and wrote them down in case she ever forgot.


  • Speeds up metabolism - body burns calories more efficiently,  

leading to weight loss

  • Detox your body - eliminates fat build up and controls

bacteria, cholesterol and blood levels

  • Ingredients - Green Tea, Southern Ginseng, Pandan

All natural organic ingredients

  • How often - twice per day ( upto 4 times per day.)

Re-use MoonTea bags.

  • Regulate your poop - regular bowel movements between 6

and 8 hours after consuming.


Best of Luck Theo, see you soon.






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