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Oolong & Mango

Cicia always dresses well, her dark brown curls flailing in the wind, her eyes lit up and light brown. She's creative, lively, loves to smile and has the personality of a beautiful summer's day. She's a shoulder to cry on, inspiring you to be optimistic and look at the day with an uplifting perspective.

Large Leaf Loose 1 box 12 Pyramid sachet tea bags
buy per Teabags minimum 100 Teabags, buy per Kg. with best quality contact for special price.


  • Why me ?

    I am known as Oolong. I have many benefits to your health, for example, by consuming me you will be automatically controlling the metabolism of the fat in your body, I trigger certain enzymes in your body that enhance the functions of the fat cells. I contain natural antioxidants too that will help prevent cancer, strokes and diabetes ( amongst others.) I can also help your skin to remain healthy, in 2001, a Japanese study confirmed the health benefits of Oolong on the internal organs. My antioxidants are also useful for maintaining healthy bones and balancing blood sugar levels.

    I’m Mango, I combine with Oolong here to help you out in other ways. Let me explain. I am rich in both minerals and vitamins, aiding you decrease any risk of colon cancer, I help with your digestion and even keep your skin ( vitamin C ) eyes ( zeaxanthin ) bones ( vitamin K ) and hair ( vitamin A) in shape. I also help in the prevention of Asthma with my beta-carotene.

    In a nutshell

    Weight management.
    Removal of harmful free radicals.
    Healthy skin.
    Healthy Bones.
    Controls diabtes.
    Anti-cancer properties.
    Stress management.
    Mental health and performance.
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