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Oolong no.12

We flit through the day entertaining, enjoying And when the hard work is done, we put it all behind us.

Large Leaf Loose 1 box 12 Pyramid sachet tea bags
buy per Teabags minimum 100 Teabags, buy per Kg. with best quality contact for special price.

I Shall Return When The Day Is Gone

  • Why me ?

    There’s a lot of different types of Oolong on the market, so what makes me so special ? I’m number 12, I’m well known for my slightly bitter but sweet aftertaste.

    In a nutshell

    Boosts immune system.
    Cancer prevention.
    Anti-viral capacity.
    Blood pressure/ciculation.
    Detoxifies the whole body.
    Stress management.
    Mental health and performance.
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