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MoonTea is an alternative way to slim down, for a person who has problems with excess fat or anyone who wants a general spring cleaning.
MoonTea works via detoxification and accelerates your metabolism, blending green tea and herb
(i.e. Southern Ginseng, Mulberry leaves and Pandan ) which are all highly beneficial to your body.
MoonTea accelerates your metabolism, allowing your body to digest what it needs, quickly dispelling the waste. It eliminates the accumulation of fat build-up in the small intestine and colon, absorbing the necessary nutrients allowing the brain and body to better work together. It also benefits the large intestine by allowing a build-up of only the beneficial bacteria
( in the gut,) eliminating fat ( in the blood cells,) controlling cholesterol levels and inhibiting the proliferation of cancer cells. (MoonTea will also activate certain enzymes which will help your body clean the liver.)

MoonTea ฺBiG box (30 Teabags)

  • 30 Teabags (1month) 45g.
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