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Black Tea Caramel

I grew up. A reminder of fun times past.

Large Leaf Loose 1 box 12 Pyramid sachet tea bags
buy per Teabags minimum 100 Teabags, buy per Kg. with best quality contact for special price.

What Happened To You?

  • Why me ?
    Black tea often takes a backseat to green tea in the health department, but that’s not always fair. Let me give you a bit of background. I contain polysaccharides which will stop the sugar entering your blood stream. Tests show a lower risk of heart disease when studying people than regularly drink me. The caramel side of me combines well in the fight against various forms of cancer too providing small amounts of protein and potassium.

    In a nutshell

    Manages dibetes.
    Protects your heart.
    Helps with weight loss.
    Reduces signs of aging.
    Prevents cancer.
    Lowers cholesterol.
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