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Why lose weight?

Losing weight is known to both speed up your metabolism and increase the amount of energy your body has for the day.

The ingredients we use in MoonTea are all individually beneficial to your health, together they will make a significant difference in your goal to lose weight.

• Southern Ginseng  : Helps the circulation of the blood in the brain, boosting sleep.

• Mulberry  :  Helps in reducing fat, lowering blood pressure and reducing sugar levels.

• Pandan  :  Helps nourish the heart and to reduce sugar levels.


How will I lose weight ?  

MoonTea  aids in weight loss by increasing your metabolism. The body will able to extract the fat used as energy in cells.


I’m not fat can i drink MoonTea for only detoxing ?

Yes. MoonTea has been designed to be beneficial to your health. Detoxifying will help balance your body. The nutrients in MoonTea are only beneficial to your health and although some may be concerned that absorbing too many nutrients can increase your weight, this is impossible, the detoxing qualities of the tea counteract  this. If the small intestine is unable to absorb the nutrients fully, you will begin to feel hungry - an immediate response is to reach for carbohydrates and foods that are high in sugar ( or sweeteners.) Dietary sugars are absorbed into the bloodstream faster and an excess of these sugars will be deposited in your cells in the form of fat


If I am taking another food supplement, can I drink MoonTea ?

Yes, you can drink MoonTea but how will you know from which product you are losing weight ? And what about side effects?

We have full confidence in MoonTea and it's all natural ingredients, we are sure that by drinking our product you won't experience any side effects, however, we are not aware of any other supplements you may be taking, so it's difficult to say if this combination will affect you adversely.


Why drink MoonTea? It makes me feel parched,

like I want to drink some more water?

MoonTea is mixed as an authentic herbal weight loss beverage. To aid in the detoxification, we encourage you to drink water. The water will help to flush toxins left in the body. And help the body remove the sludge

( accumulated in the intestine )  out more easily.


If you drink MoonTea for a long time.

Do the residues do harm to the body?

MoonTea is made from Green Tea. There is nothing to suggest drinking this beverage over a longer period will do any harm at all

History guides us that the Chinese and Japanese, long time regular drinkers of green tea, will usually live longer than those who choose not to drink it.


What's the difference between MoonTea and other types of green tea?

MoonTea is produced using a selection of tea varieties, planted on a high mountain close by the river Ping in Chiangmai Province. ( Northern Thailand .) The plantation is approximately 1,000 meters above sea  level and the tea is harvested using a production process that's been inherited from previous generations.


Does MoonTea affect the menstruation of women or not?

No, it does not affect the menstrual cycle. In fact, drinking MoonTea has been known to regulate a woman's menstrual cycle, should it be irregular.


During the menstrual cycle can I drink MoonTea or not?

Yes, you can as usual. However, the effect of the green tea reducing sugar levels and increasing the flow of blood, may affect some people, increasing menstruation and fatigue


How many times should I drink MoonTea per day ?

( Weight : upto 100kg.)

You can drink it as many times as you wish but your body will only be able to absorb a certain amount of the antioxidants. If you drink more than 2 teabags of MoonTea per day, it’s unlikely you will increase the desired results.


If a person weights more than 100 kg,

how many packs a day should I drink ?

You should drink two packs after breakfast and after dinner, so 4 in total. Follow the instructions above for the best results.


If I drink MoonTea for one month everyday ,

How many kilos will I likely  lose?

Approximately 2-5 kg. Depending on each individual.


How long will it take to show the effects?

- In just one month, you will notice a distinct change. In addition to weight reduction, you will notice you have more energy and are able to sleep better.

How many times can I use the MoonTea bag?

- You may use the MoonTea bag as many times as you desire, each time will reduce the effectiveness and you will notice the colour will not be as full as the initial time, due to diluting.


If i stop drinking MoonTea , will I get fat again?

- No ,If you strictly follow the workout. Obesity is caused by eating and not exercising, so the fat consumed through eating doesn’t get burnt as energy exertion, instead it will be stored in the blood cells, promoting fatigue.


If I have already lost weight.

Is the water in my body gone?

No. Although if you want to check the results of MoonTea. Measure yourself ( all the essentials hips,thighs, abdomen for example ) before you start the course and again once the box of MoonTea is finished. We guarantee that besides weight loss, you will notice a change in the general feel you have of your body. If, for example, you drink MoonTea on consecutive months, and then measure your blood. You will notice that your blood’s fat content ( LDL )  has been reduced significantly.


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